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Magnus Sälgö

Sälgö Consulting AB
Stockholm, Sweden

Ask me about WIkidata - twitter @salgo60

Wikidata volunteer since 2015 - user: salgo60 . Has since then suggested more than 10 Swedish external properties and done more than 1 million edits. My experience doing this I have tried to summarize in this document
* "One way to design a system to be a good external identifier for Wikidata"

Other articles written
* Structured data for GLAM-Wiki/Roundtripping - using Wikicommons and Structured data for data round tripping
* Carl Larsson who is that - sadly Europeana doesnt know --> #Metadatadebt
* spoke at Linked data Sweden 2019 - Wikidata Friend or Foe Linked data Sweden 2019

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